Trading Rosetta Stone Points

Trading what our students worked from Rosetta Stone is indeed one of the most delightful activity for our students! Hahaha! Most of them buy snacks or personal items. Oliver, a boy from the 7th grade wanted to buy a pack of beans and rice for her mother and then I suggested that he buy something for himself! IAfter having a thought about what I told him, I wonder if I did the right thing! : (

Oliver and Fernanda! Oliver wanted to buy a pack of beans and rice for her mom at first then finally picked some chips for snack!

Alejandra still likes baby food!!! hahaha!

Dangerous group from 8th grade! Whewww!!! That's why I have gray hair now! hahahaha!

Naughty but smart Kike!!!

Grade 9 girls! Sasha, Valerie, Monse and Yari!

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