Bacalar, Pueblo Mágico.

In the long list are over a hundred of Magic Towns and one of them is Bacalar, or in Mayan language b´ak halal which means surrounded by reeds.

On February 1st, we brought our a group of Empowering our Youth students to this magical place, four-hour drive from Puerto Aventuras. We left at 6 am and came back at 10:30 pm.

When we arrived in Bacalar, we visited the Fortress of San Felipe Bacalar and the museum with the help of a guide. Bacalar has a very rich culture and interesting history. It was a city of the Mayan civilization, was then taken by the "Spanish Conquistadores" in the 15th century and was also frequently attacked by the pirates during the 17th century.

After the excellent tour we had from the Museum, we brought our students to a nearby resort, where there was an access to a beautiful lagoon. After filling our hungry stomach and patiently waiting some time to digest food, the kids jumped into the water to refresh themselves. Many of them enjoyed jumping from a wooden platform within the lake while others had fun chatting with peers in the water. After the lagoon, we had a quick sight seeing around the city and then left the place to go to a small "pueblo" to do our service activity.

Our students gave away used clothes in good condition to the locals near "Limones." When we arrived, the students went knocking house to house and also invited people in the streets to come and choose clothes they might need. To our surprise after a while many people of all ages came, men and women, teenagers and children. They happily get the clothes they need and like. Students as well as teachers were very happy to conclude our field trip serving and making other people happy.


The start of our history class of Bacalar with our magnificent guide Jorge.

"Defensa del Fuerte de San Felipe Bacalar" by Elio Carmichael, a spectacular mural with a very interesting history!

Waiting for their turn to go up and see the beautiful lagoon.

Service Activity. Giving away some used clothes to the people of a small town near Bacalar