Share a sandwich

Our service activity last December is all about sharing a sándwich. Yes! Empowering our Youth students prepared and shared some sándwiches with a bottle of water and juice.

We had decided to go to a place called Parque Lazaro Cardenas, located in Playa del Carmen.

In this park, many people converge, cultural events are held, people come to play sports, but there's one thing that catches one's attention, the presence of a great number of people mostly men, who expect something unknown, as Jaime Sabines would say in his famous poem "Los Amorosos" "they do not expect anything but they wait". That's why this park is also popularly called as "El parque del Hombre" (The men's park). Men from other states like Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Veracruz and also Yucatán come to this place everytime, waiting and hoping that they would find a job and get hired by the contractors to build hotels, condos or houses.

Forty Empowering our Youth students with some teachers arrived to the place to give away some sándwiches they made to these group men, who in return received the food with joy. Smiling faces were seen on both sides. More tan 200 box lunches were shared that day.

When asked about how our students felt when they shared their food with love, they answered they felt good inside and were touched about the experience.

Then we headed to the General Hospital to continue sharing smiles with the people around. It was indeed a worthwhile day for everyone.

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