Sky is the limit!

Grade 7 and 8 went to a big indoor trampolin park.We all never imagined what does it looks like to be in this place. It was a big surprise for our students! Everybody were anxious to enter and registration seemed eternal.Special sox were given to each one of the kids.The place kept filling up with kiddos, teens and adults too!

After instructions were given, everybody rushed in and started to have fun.Girls played volleyball, basketball while boys were jumping as high as they can and doing back flips. The dodge ball area seemed to be the favorite of them all. In dodge ball agility and swiftiness is mostly needed if you want to win!

A couple of hours have had past and but these active young men and young women seem not to be hungry nor tired enough to leave the place and get some food. No! They were having a lot of fun that they prefered to stay and kept jumping around. One of our students told me while playing, that trampolin activity was the best gift he ever had! We are so glad our students enjoyed it!

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