And the winner is!... (Plastic lid collection contest)

Several months ago we had invited our students to collect plastic lids to help Kodomo a non profit organization in Playa del Carmen that helps autistic children have special education for free. They receive plastic lids as donations from the public then sell them to help fund their school.

 Last October Empowering our Youth had convocated a contest of plastic lid collection for the same purpose.

All our 8 groups (composed of 23-28 students per group) joined the contest.The winner group had the opportunity to attend the field trip as a group. We brought them to a special Halloween event in Ventura Park in Cancun.

For more than a month they have been organizing as a group and working hard to get the prize. Many of them has been so organized and after class they did go out to do the work. We have seen a lot of enthusiasm among them.

The winner group was grade 9A and they collected a total of 13 big buckets of plastic lids. In total our students collected a sum of 35 buckets which will be donated this month to Kodomo Foundation.

Here are some pictures we want to share with you! Enjoy!

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