Involving community participation in street cleaning

T'was another productive day for Empowering our Youth students! We carried out a street clean up activity in Puerto Maya on Saturday Nov.19, now, with the community´s participation! A day before, the students passed out some flyers to invite the people on the event. Also, with the help of the local government, written information was given on how to have a cleaner community. Locals were invited to recycle, and deposit junks in collection points.

With us is Mrs. Olivia Zaramudio, current Puerto Aventura's local president, fully participated in our service activity. She donated more than a dozen of our cleaning materials! : =)


Waiting for the rest of the group to come!

Neighbors participation!!

First street toclean up!

Angel, a student's friend came all the way from Puerto Morelos to participate in the activity! Salute!!!

First street to clean up! We just picked up the trash... dried leaves were swept and were left in the jungle because they are biodegradable.

Neighborhood participation!

Neighborhood participation!

Neighborhood participation

Handing out flyers! Good job!

Collection center for PET.

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